Stefan Simon

Original title: Analyse acetathaltiger Ausblühungen auf Museumsexponaten In: Andreas Hauptmann, Oliver Mecking, and Michael Prange, eds. 2013. METALLA – Archäometrie und Denkmalpflege 2013, Sonderheft 6 zur Jahrestagung an der Bauhaus-Bniversität Weimar, 25.-28.09.2013, Bochum, S. 97-101. Complete...
Stefan Simon

In: Heritage Science (2013) 1: 29-40 Complete author list: E. Egel, S. Simon
Stefan Simon

In: 2013. Proceedings of the 8th international symposium on the conservation of monuments in the mediterranean basin, 31st May - 2nd June 2010 Patras, Technical Chamber of Greece. 395-409. Complete author list: Pamplona M., Ahmad A., Simon S., Aßel E. & Theissen A.
Stefan Simon

In: Tim Bechtold, ed. 2013. Future Talks 011: Technology and conservation of modern materials in design. Papers from the Conference held at the Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich 26-28 October 2011, Die neue Sammlung: The International Design Museum, 224-231. Complete author list: Gómez-Sánchez, E.;...
Chelsea Alene Graham

In: C.S. Patterson and K. Trentelman, eds. 2013. Integrating imaging and analytical technologies for conservation practice: report of an Experts Meeting held September 10 – 12, 2013, 16. Los Angeles: Getty Conservation Institute.
Erin Mysak

In: 2013. Georges Braque and the Cubist Still Life, 1928-1945, New York: Prestel. Complete author list: Patricia Favero, Erin Mysak, and Narayan Khandekar ISBN: 978-3-7913-5270-1
Paul Whitmore

Polymer Degradation and Stability (2013) 98 471–473.   Complete author list: Chase H. Butler and Paul M. Whitmore   Summary: Commercially available polypropylene was investigated for the release of volatile species with peroxidic activity upon exposure to ultraviolet radiation at room...
Aniko Bezur

Journal of the American Institute for Conservation (2013) 52 156-172. Complete author list: Kimberly Muir, Allison Langley, Aniko Bezur, Francesca Casadio, John Delaney, and Gwenaelle Gautier. Summary: This paper presents new scientific information from two paintings [by Picasso] in the collection...
Aniko Bezur

Journal of the American Institute for Conservation (2013) 52 173-183. Complete author list: Ellen Hanspach-Bernal and Aniko Bezur Summary: Visual examination and chemical analysis of the painting [Femme au chapeau assise sur une chaise], combined with replication experiments, suggest that Picasso...
Rui Chen, Paul Whitmore

Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical (2013) 186 431–438.   Complete author list: Rui Chen, Hannah R. Morris, and Paul M. Whitmore Summary: After previously demonstrating the ability of silver nanoparticle films to monitor sulfide emission quickly and quantitatively at 60°C and 100% RH in an Oddy...