Brand: SorvallĀ® Legend 23R Centrifuge (ThermoFisher Scientific)

Capabilities: The centrifuge comes equipped with two rotors. One rotor can hold twelve 1.5-2mL sample vials and spin up to 23000 rpm; the other rotor can hold eight 38 mL sample vials and rotate at a maximum speed of 15300 rpm.

Practical use: A centrifuge is used to separate liquid-liquid or solid-liquid mixtures, with denser materials migrating to the bottom of a sample vial during the centrifuge process. In our lab, we use the high spin speeds to precipitate nanoparticles ~ 30nm out of a solution; these nanoparticles are used to make sensors that are able to quanititatively detect sulfur gas in the atmosphere.

Contact: Rui Chen