Pyrolysis-gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer

Brand/Model: Agilent 5975C inert MSD (with turbo pump) and Agilent 7890 GC with fast oven and thermal conductivity detector. Frontier PY-3030 Multi-Mode Pyrolyzer.

Software: ChemStation (Agilent).

Capabilities: Characterization of organic materials based on component compounds.

Accessory: Autosampler (CTC) for liquid injection

Practical use: GC-MS is used most frequently for the characterization of coatings on artifacts and binding media used in paint layers. Key materials of study include proteins, oils, fats, natural resins, waxes. Samples are frequently hydrolyzed and derivatized prior to injection in the the split/splitless port of the GC. Samples with highly polymerized materials (such as plastics, Asian lacquers) may be introduced via the pyrolyzer which decomposes the sample at high temperatures in the absence of oxygen. Reagents may be added to the pyrolysis cup to help hydrolyze and derivatize the sample material. The decomposition products are swept onto the gas chromatography column by a stream of helium. The multi-mode pyrolyzer is also capable of facilitating evolved gas analysis, which involves the heating of samples through a wide range of temperatures and the characterization of the volatiles by mass spectroscopy with our without separation in the gas chromatograph.

Contact: Aniko Bezur