Imaging, Book scanning system

Brand: Kirtas APT BookScan 2400

   DSLR Cameras: 2, Canon 5D Mark I

   Lenses: 2, Canon 24-70mm Macro Lens

Capabilities: This scanning system can digitize up to 2400 pages per hour at resolutions up to 600 dpi. The machine can accommodate pages from 4.7 x 7 in to 11 x 17 in. in size with bindings up to 4 in. A cradle supports books and compensates for the turning of pages so as not to exert stress onto bindings, while robotic arms use adjustable air to exert vacuum suction and fluffing to gently turn pages. A series of scanning accessories allow for accommodation of a variety of page and book sizes.

Practical use: This book scanning system is suggested for digitization of books, ledgers and field notebooks. While the Kirtas has a high tolerance, extremely fragile sources may be digitized in the Digital Imaging Lab manually via DSLR and a small wooden book cradle.

Location: MR101, Studio 3

Contact: Chelsea Graham