Imaging, Multi-spectral imaging system (MSI)

Brands: Monochrome  MSI CCD Camera: QSI 683

   Lens: Jenoptik UV-VIS-IR APO lens 60mm Macro f/4-f/45 F mount


  •    Semrock BrightLine Orange Filter #21 FF02-628/40-28-D
  •    Semrock Brightline Red Filter #25 FF01-794/160-28-D
  •    Semrock Brightline Yellow Filter #12 FF01-585/40-28-D
  •    Semrock Brightline Light Red Filter #23A FF02-675/67-28-D
  •    Semrock Brightline Violet Filter #47 FF01-370/36-28-D
  •    Semrock Brightline Light Blue Filter #82A FF02-475/50-28-D
  •    Semrock Brightline Green Filter #56 FF03-525/50-28-D
  •    Semrock Brightline Dark Blue Filter #38A FF01-417/60-28-D

   Solid-State High Power Lamp Source (xenon): ThorLabs HPLS-30-03

Capabilities: This system has been put together as a highly mobile unit in order to enable MSI in the field. Images are taken from the above 8 bands with an 8.3 megapixel CCD camera.  A xenon lamp serves as the constant source of projection of light consistent in intensity and temperature.

Practical use: Multi-Spectral Imaging is a method of photography that captures optical representations across frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum. Images are taken through different filters corresponding to wavelengths both within (VIS) and outside of (UV, IR) the visible spectrum. Images taken from the later contain information that is not visible to the eye. Such information can give qualitative clue as to the chemical compositions that reflect light at invisible wavelengths and other undetectable spectral signatures. MSI has been adopted as a diagnostic tool in conservation science for material composition analysis. A user manual created by the Digital Imaging Lab outlines the process step by step and offers support.

Location: Mobile; MR103A, Equipment Storage Room

**To be temporarily housed in W133 from 27 April – 18 December 2015**

Contact: Chelsea Graham