Imaging, Triangulation Laser Scanner (3D)

Brand: 2, NextEngine 2020i

Capabilities: The NextEngine 3D scanners are work well with small-scale scanning projects. They have the ability to acquire up to 5,000 points per second with about .3 mm precision. NextEngine scanners are well suited to desktop work, but may be mounted on tripods as well. An AutoDrive turntable is compatible with the scanner and allows for the acquisition of scans 360 degrees around an object, which are automatically aligned in ScanStudio HD software.

Practical use: This scanner is suggested for the scanning of smaller objects for the creation of 3D models. The user interface of the scanning software is very user-friendly and supports basic post-processing.  This scanner is recommended for users without extensive background in 3D digitization, or those working on a tight deadline. A user manual created by the Digital Imaging Lab outlines the process step by step and offers support.

Location: Mobile; W137, Project Room 5

Contact: Chelsea Graham