Imaging, Triangulation Laser Scanner (3D) (II)

Brand: ShapeGrabber SG2002b

Capabilities: This 3D scanner is perfect for projects that require fine detail, especially that of larger objects. This scanner has the capacity of scanning up to 18,000 points per second with approximately .01 mm precision. The ShapeGrabber scanning unit is highly portable. The scanner must be mounted on tripod and may be set up in a gallery or storage space the acquisition.

Practical use: This scanner is suggested for creating high quality 3D models of large objects with complex surface morphology. The processes of set-up, calibration and post-processing with this scanner are more complicated than with the NextEngine scanner. A user manual created by the Digital Imaging Lab outlines the process step by step and offers support.

Location: Mobile; W137, Project Room 5

Contact: Chelsea Graham