Imaging, Vacuum copy stand

Brand: Tarsia Technical Industries Inc. (tti) Repro-graphic Workstation 4060

Capabilities: This photography platform features a camera mount connected to an adjustable arm. The height of the arm may be tracked via digital elevation counter, which displays the position of the camera to allow for simple replication. The workspace measures 40 x 60 in total and offers of vacuum concentration in areas measuring 30 x 40 in and 40 x 60 in.  The workstation also contains built-in light stands on either side. The broncolor lighting system is standardly used in conjunction with this workstation, however other lighting systems can be accommodated.

Practical use: The vacuum copy stand is the perfect settng for photography of smaller objects as well as manuscripts, posters and paintings that may benefit from varying levels of vacuum hold. When not used in conjunction with the vacuum, the workspace is best covered during photography.

Location: MR102, Project Room 3

Contact: Chelsea Graham