Microscope, Research grade

Brand: Zeiss Axio Imager M2m

Software: Zen Pro

Capabilities: Transmitted and incident visible light illumination. Incident UV illumination. Transmitted and incident plane-polarized and cross-polarized light examination. Motorized Z-axis which allows extended depth of focus imaging (“focus stacking”). 360 degree rotating stage or motorized x-y scanning stage. Scanning stage allows acquisition and stitching of image tiles. Brightfield-darkfield objectives (no cover slip compensation): 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x. Brightfield objectives (cover slip compensation): 40x, 100x (oil immersion). Optoval magnifications: 1x, 1.6x and 2.5x. Bertrand lens. Fluorescence filter sets: 02 (excitation: G 365 nm, emission: LP 420 nm), 09 (excitation: BP 450-490 nm, emission: LP 515 nm), 15 (excitation: BP 546/12 nm, emission: LP 590 nm).

Accessory: AxioCam MRc5 digital camera.

Practical use: This microscope is used to examine, image and characterize particles and fibers presented as specimens mounted on glass microscope slides as well as polished cross sections and thin sections. It is frequently used to examine and document the layer structure of painted or lacquered artifacts based of micro-samples that have been embedded in a polymer resin and polished. It is also used to examine cross sections from metals/alloys and ceramics. Polarized light microscopy is of great use in studying pigments as well as natural fibers of plant and animal origin.

Contact: Aniko Bezur