IPCH participates at ICCROM’s XXIX General Assembly in Rome, Italy

November 25, 2015

IPCH Director Stefan Simon represented Yale University as officially accredited observer at the ICCROM XXIX General Assembly from November 18-20 in Rome , Italy. 

In the light of the ongoing crisis, many discussions among the member states at the GA focussed on the impact of man-made and natural disasters on cultural heritage.

On Friday , November 20th , a thematic discussion was devoted to  ”Climate change and Natural Disasters: Culture cannot wait! “ 

How is climate change impacting cultural heritage, what can be done to reduce the impact and respond to global challenges were the main topics of the panel discussion. As a participant of the panel, Stefan Simon discussed the concept of the “green museum”, as a museum which incorporates and implements the concept of sustainability in its program, its activities and its physical presence. His presentations focussed on the question of a “good museum climate” , often referred to as the plus/minus dilemma .