IPCH sponsors two competitions at Yale’s YHack Hackathon

Fable team members Edward Jiao, Cole Hansen, Bessie Jiang, and Ishaan Agarwal, flanked by Stefan Simon and Holly Rushmeier
November 11, 2015

For the second year in a row, IPCH sponsored two awards at the YHack hackathon, held Novvember 6-8, 2015, in Yale’s Paine Whitney Gymnasium. A group from IPCH  — Stefan Simon, Holly Rushmeier, Goze Akoglu and Eleni Kotoula — answered questions from the attendees during the event, and then judged the final results. Their goal was to develop software that serves a need in the cultural heritage community. The two winners were:

Aug Tour by William Yang, Ajwad Anwar, Danny Flax, and Sylvester Chiang. Their mobile phone app detects where yone is located and if one is in proximity to a landmark feature based on a predefined set of coordinates. If a landmark is detected, then a 3D notification message  about the landmark appears in the live camera image of the cell phone. This app facilitates obtaining heritage information in the user’s real world view.

Aug Tour members William Yang, Ajwad Anwar, Danny Flax, and Sylvester Chiang, seen with Stefan Simon and Holly Rushmeier

Fable by Edward Jiao, Cole Hansen, Bessie Jiang, and Ishaan Agarwal. This app allows a user to upload personal audio stories and connect them to a specific geographical location. Users of the app should then be able to listen to stories that are relevant to a particular place. The app can therefore acts as an audio guide that clues users in to the culture and mythology around a location. 

Together, these two applications demonstrate capabilities for cultural heritage information to be accessed and shared in geographic context.

Holly Rushmeier introducing the IPCH challenges