IPCH Bids Farewell to Conservation Assistants Visiting from Haiti

Erntz Jeudy (L) and Racine Joseph (R) with portraits of Nissage Saget and Henri Christophe by Haitian artist Louis Rigaud
December 16, 2014

On December 15, 2014, Erntz Jeudy and Racine Joseph completed their residency as visiting conservation assistants at IPCH. Both were chosen from a group of highly skilled Haitian artists with experience in art conservation to participate in a training initiative carried out in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution. The project draws on expertise from IPCH, Yale University Art Gallery, Yale Center for British Art, and Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History.

Working with IPCH Conservator Matthew Cushman, Ertnz and Racine examined the fifteen portraits by Louis Rigaud in the collection of the Peabody Museum, and they received theoretical and practical training in the treatment of oil paintings on canvas, culminating in the treatment of two of the Rigaud portraits. Other activities included visits to area conservation studios and museums.

Bon travail/bon travay and bon voyage/bon vwayaj, Erntz and Racine!