RTI Training in IPCH Digitization Lab

Pablo Londero and Jens Stenger orient lighting while Erin Mysak operates the camera for imaging of a wooden Roman Shield (YUAG accession #: 1935.551)
April 20, 2015

The IPCH would like to extend a sincere thank you to Yale University Art Gallery (YUAG) Senior Photographer, Rich House, for graciously sharing his expertise during a recent one-day Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) Highlight method training session. Held in the IPCH Digitization Lab, the session covered the acquisition and post-processing procedures of this adaptable computational photography technique. In attendance were IPCH staff members Chelsea Graham, Pablo Londero, Erin Mysak, Jens Stenger, as well as Computer Science Postdoctoral Fellow Ying Yang. The group was very keen to learn about how to perform the Highlight method and excited by its many applications. With this newly acquired skill, it will be possible to apply RTI to objects that are too large for imaging under the dome currently located in the Digitization Lab as well as to objects that are out in the field or on display in a gallery.

Rich House has previously attended an RTI workshop lead by Cultural Heritage Imaging and has applied his knowledge during many imaging campaigns for conditions assessment and conservation over the past few years. His patience, encouragement, and support are very much appreciated.

To learn more about the Roman shield, go here.