Stephens gives collaborative presentation on foamed epoxies and mosaic conservation

October 31, 2014

Dr. Catherine Stephens of Yale IPCH and Elena Torok of the Yale University Art Gallery (YUAG) presented a lecture, Gerasa mosaic treatments at Yale University: an examination of materials used in structural backing systems at the 12th Conference of the International Committee for the Conservation of Mosaics (ICCM). The paper was co-authored by Torok, Stephens, Ms. Carol Snow of YUAG, and Ms. Robin Hodgson of RH Conservation Engineering. The ICCM conference was comprised of six days of lectures, a poster session, and excursions Porto Torres, Bosa, Cabras, and Tharros, Sardinia to visit ancient Roman and Nuraghe ruins. Since 1977, the ICCM has been instrumental in promoting the conservation of mosaics as a field of its own within the larger domain of archeological conservation.

Stephens (L) and Torok (R)

Nuraghe structure near Cabras

Porto Torres