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Sterling Professor in the History of Art

Institute Members

Aniko Bezur's picture
Aniko Bezur, Ph.D.
Wallace S. Wilson Director,
Technical Studies Lab
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Head, IPCH Sustainable Conservation Laboratory
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Susan Morse Hilles Chief Conservator (YUAG)
and Chair, Conservation Laboratory Steering Committee (IPCH)
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Head, IPCH Lens Media Lab
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Paul Whitmore, Ph.D.
Director, Aging Diagnostics Lab
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Postdoctoral Associate
Kiraz Goze Akoglu's picture
Postdoctoral Associate
Rui Chen's picture
Rui Chen, Ph.D.
Senior Conservation Scientist
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Digital Imaging Specialist
Pablo Londero's picture
Pablo Londero, Ph.D.
Conservation Scientist
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Professor of Computer Science
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Senior Administrative Assistant