Correlation between gloss reflectance and surface texture in photographic paper


In: Scanning (2015) 37(30) 204-217

Complete author list: Kevin Vessot, Paul Messier, Joyce M Hyde, Christopher A Brown

Abstract: Surface textures of a large collection of photographic papers dating from 1896 to the present were measured using a laser scanning confocal microscope (LSCM) with four different objective lenses. Roughness characterization parameters were calculated from the texture measurements and were compared with gloss measurements. Characterization by the area-scale fractal dimension (Das) and the area-scale fractal complexity (Asfc) provided the strongest correlations between gloss reflectance and surface texture. The measurements with the 5x and 10x objectives, which contained many large-scale, spiky measurement artifacts that distorted the measurement, resulted in the strongest correlations (R-2>0.8) compared to the 20x and 50x (R-2<0.5). The presence of spiky artifacts in the measurements, which increases when the magnification of the objective lens is decreased, appears to amplify surface features in such a way to improve the correlations.