Aniko Bezur, Jens Stenger, Elena Torok, Carol Snow

In: Applied Physics A published online July 30, 2015. DOI:10.1007/s00339-015-9386-7 Complete author list:  Anikó Bezur, Gwénaëlle Kavich, Jens Stenger, Elena Torok, Carol Snow Abstract: The fifteenth-century gilt and polychromed terracotta relief, Virgin and Child by Michele da Firenze in the...

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Paul Messier

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Paul Messier

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Paul Messier

In: Journal of the American Institute for Conservation 53(4), 219-235, 2014 Complete author list: Jennifer Mcglinchey Sexton, Paul Messier Abstract: Historical references of silver gelatin photographic paper sheet size and thickness were collected to determine standardized dimensions in use during...
Paul Messier

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Paul Messier

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