Erin Mysak

17th Triennial Conference Pre-prints, ICOM Committee for Conservation

2014 Complete author list: K. Müller, M. Eveno, M. Menu and I. Reiche

Research and Technical Studies Specialty Group postprints

Research and Technical Studies Specialty Group postprints, (2013) 4 105-134. Complete author list: Amy Baker Williams and Catherine H. Stephens Summary: In this study, the effect of artificially aging paper rolled onto four different support cores wrapped with five different isolating materials was...
Paul Whitmore

Journal of Applied Polymer Science (2014) 131: 39753 Complete author list: Chase H. Butler and Paul M. Whitmore Summary: The photooxidation of poly(vinyl butyral) films was investigated for the generation of solid-state and volatile peroxide species, acids, and changes in mass in order to gain...
Paul Messier

In: NIP & Digital Fabrication Conference Volume 2013 1, 85-91, 2013. Complete author list: Paul Messier, Richard Johnson, Henry Wilhelm, William A Sethares, Andrew G Klein, Patrice Abry, Stéphane Jaffard, Herwig Wendt, Stephane Roux, Nelly Pustelnik, Nanne van Noord, Laurens van der Maaten,...
Paul Messier

In: Microscopy and Microanalysis 19(S2), 1412-1413, 2013 Complete author list: Gregory D Smith, Claire Hoevel, Paul Messier

In: Studies in Conservation, 58, 65-79, 2013 Free download:

In: Cement and Concrete Research, 53, 168–175, 2013 Complete author list: D. Wilk, Ł. Bratasz, R. Kozłowski Free download:
Ian McClure

In: 2013 Yale University Art Bulletin pp 73-82. Complete author list: Carol Snow and Ian McClure
Ian McClure

In: Williams, ed. 2013 The Public face of Conservation, Archetype, pp. 163-169.

Original title: Analisi del sistema di impermeabilizzazione e dei depositi organici – Analyse der organischen Überreste in der kugeligen Amphora (Kat. 47), der Lippe der Kegelhalsamphora (Kat. 48), dem Holzdeckel (kat. 104 und dem Lehmring (Kat. 111). In: Andrea Babbi und Uwe Peltz, eds. 2013. Das...