SEM-EDS: scanning electron microscope - energy dispersive x-ray spectrometer

Brand/Model: Zeiss EVO MA15 scanning electron microscope (SEM). EDAX TEAM energy dispersive spectrometer analysis system with Octane silicon drift detector (SDD).

Capabilities: The variable pressure SEM system has a tungsten filament emission system and is equipped with secondary electron, variable pressure secondary electron and backscattered electron detectors. The Octane SDD of the energy dispersive spectrometer system has a 60 mm^2 sensor area and an 126 eV maximum energy resolution for Mn Ka.

Practical use: The scanning electron microscope allows us to image specimens at high magnifications using a number of different contrast mechanisms. Composition-based contrast is especially helpful when examining multi-component samples, such as cross-section samples prepared from multi-layer coatings/paints. The energy dispersive x-ray spectrometer allows the collection of qualitative and quantitative information about the elemental composition of spots and regions of interest.

Contact: Aniko Bezur