UV-Vis spectrophotometer

UV-vis: ultraviolet visible

Brand: Perkin Elmer Lambda 800

Software: UV winLab

Capabilities: the Perkin Elmer Lambda 800 is a double beam spectrophotometer with reference and sample cartridges. Normally absorption spectrum is recorded in transmission mode, however, this instrument can also collect spectra in reflection mode. Data can be collected in the range of 200 – 900 nm. Time Drive and Wave Programing are also possible.

Accessory: A reflection optical system.

Practical use: The spectrometer is used to measure the absorption of light of a sample in either solution and solid state. Data is collected as either an absorption or a reflection of light; one can determine the concentration of analyte in a solution or measure the kinetics or a reaction taking place in a sample vial.

Contact: Rui Chen