Our Labs

Labs at the Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage (IPCH) bring focus and specialized expertise to questions of the preservation and characterization of cultural heritage. Inspiration sparks across the labs, driving both new applications and ideas for basic research.

The Research Labs are capable of going both deep and broad - harnessing experience and technology to understand individual objects, while discovering networks and connections at Yale and around the world.  The Shared Labs are collaborative spaces dedicated to the examination, documentation, and conservation of Yale collections. They provide a platform for engagement with Yale students, faculty, and staff. 

Research Labs

  • The Applied Research and Outreach Lab extends the research outputs, teaching and learning capacity, and staff expertise of IPCH to committed partners in conserving global heritage outside of Europe and North America - Alison Gilchrest, Director.
  • The Lens Media Lab focuses on the preservation and characterization of photographic materials with an emphasis on creating and interpreting large datasets derived from reference, archival, and museum collections - Paul Messier, Director. 
  • The Technical Studies Lab uses imaging and materials analysis to address questions related to objects in Yale collections that emerge in the course of scholarly research, teaching, conservation treatment, and exhibition - Anikó Bezur, Director.

Shared Labs

  • The Conservation Lab is a leading edge facility for the conservation treatment and analysis of Yale collections- Mariana Di Giacomo, Chair.
  • The Digitization Lab provides expertise and facilities for the creation, management, and accessibility of digital cultural heritage and provides a base for re-imagining the relationship between viewer, researcher, and object.