Our Work

The events and projects below demonstrate how cultural heritage preservation is a platform for interdisciplinary teaching and learning. Our work connects the humanities and the sciences through substantive contributions to Yale’s mission: “improving the world today and for future generations through outstanding research and scholarship, education, preservation, and practice.”

Global Outreach and International Research

Working with the University of Pretoria, IPCH and Dr. Denise Lim conducted a study on the African Cultural Heritage sector in the Post Covid Era.

Teaching, Learning, and Collaborative Discovery

Immersed in the real-life setting of the Princeton University Art Museum, six Yale undergraduates and three Princeton graduate students came together to bridge institutional and disciplinary boundaries.

What David’s Ankles Can Teach Us

Artists are engineering when they make a work of art – they’re using materials to achieive a certain look or a certain form. These materials must last if their message is to persist.

Materials and Meaning

To answer questions about an object’s passage through time, we need a deep understanding of the component materials — not just what they are, but what they are prone to do, especially under external influences, such as storage and use.

Materials and Meaning symposium