Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage


Yale’s Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage is a research collaborative, dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of material culture. Our work connects Yale students, scholars, and collections, catalyzing wide-ranging partnerships that bridge art and science in a unique space for learning, creativity, and innovation.

News and Events

November 22, 2023
Thomas Palmer and Paul Messier will discuss the printing of the photograph in photo books from the perspective of their remarkable careers in the field—pushing the boundaries...
IPCH Embarks on Groundbreaking Initiative with Museums and Cultural Institutions in Africa
October 2, 2023
Yale Directors Forum A fellowship program for global leaders of museums and cultural institutions Program Description   The Yale Directors Forum is a highly selective 18-...
June 28, 2023
Expression through words and songs is at the heart of human communication. How do the tubes and lips in our head and neck coordinate vocal expressions ranging from raucous to...
View From Here, Courtesy of the Yale Center for British Art
April 4, 2023
Carla Decombes, Yale Daily News.  New Haven high school students exhibit work through YCBA  / LML photography program “The View From Here: Accessing Art Through Photography”...