About Us

The Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage is committed to ensuring sustainable and responsible access to art and artifacts — we provide Yale a platform for unlocking vivid insights into human experience, expression, and imagination.

Science and Humanities

IPCH serves the humanities by revealing origins and histories that show civilization as interwoven and evolving. Our work translates to all branches of science, posing novel research questions in fields as varied as proteomics and data science.

Impact Today

Cultural material is a non-renewable resource and society’s engagement through exhibition and study exacts a price. IPCH leads in the development of forward-looking studies that promote preservation and spark deeper and more nuanced understanding.

Materials and Meaning

The collaborations we foster animate collections of art and artifacts – harnessing new technology, media, and modes of communication to demonstrate the expressiveness of materials to scholars at Yale and around the world.

Our Future

We are committed to fostering a new generation of leaders that value collections and materials-based inquiry. IPCH is a dynamic platform for diverse scholars to undertake the challenge of preserving and interpreting the world’s cultural heritage.