Charlotte Ashamu's picture

Charlotte Ashamu

Consultant, IPCH, Directors’ Forum

Laurie Batza's picture

Laurie Batza

Senior Administrative Assistant

Aniko Bezur's picture

Aniko Bezur

Wallace S. Wilson Director, Technical Studies Lab

Beth Bolen's picture

Beth Bolen

Finance and Administrative, Manager

Rui Chen's picture

Rui Chen

Senior Conservation Scientist

Damon Crockett's picture

Damon Crockett

Lens Media Lab Data Scientist

Mariana Di Giacomo's picture

Mariana Di Giacomo

Natural History Conservator

Jack DiSciacca's picture

Jack DiSciacca

Signal Acquisition Scientist

Alison Gilchrest's picture

Alison Gilchrest

Director, IPCH

Monica Grasty's picture

Monica Grasty

Lab Assistant

Colette Hardman-Peavy's picture

Colette Hardman-Peavy

Paper and Photograph Research Conservator

Richard Hark's picture

Richard Hark

Conservation Scientist

Memory Hark's picture

Memory Hark

Project Assistant-IPCH Lens Media Lab

Alice Knaf's picture

Alice Knaf

Postdoctoral Associate

Leah Lackey's picture

Leah Lackey

Postgraduate Associate

Paul Messier's picture

Paul Messier

IPCH Lens Media Lab Director


Kappy Mintie's picture

Kappy Mintie

Senior Researcher, IPCH / LML Art History

Sydney Nikolaus's picture

Sydney Nikolaus

Project Assistant-IPCH Lens Media Lab

Katherine Schilling's picture

Katherine Schilling

Associate Research Scientist in Chemical and Environmental Engineering and Associate Conservation Research Scientist in IPCH

Marcie Wiggins's picture

Marcie Wiggins

Assistant Conservation Scientist