Sustainable Conservation of Cultural Heritage - Workshop

Event time: 
Tuesday, April 12, 2016 - 9:00am to 12:00pm
Zhang Auditorium, Yale School of Management See map
165 Whitney Avenue
New Haven, CT 06520
Event description: 

Participants to the workshop:

  • Ziad Al-Saad - Yarmouk University, Jordan (speaker)
  • Milos Drdacky - The Institute of Theoretical and Applied Informatics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, the Czech Republic (speaker)
  • Yong Jae Chung - The National University of Cultural Heritage, Korea (speaker)
  • Takeshi Ishizaki - The Institute for Conservation of Cultural Property, Tohoku University of Art and Design, Japan (speaker)
  • Julio Vargas Neumann - Engineering Department, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Peru (speaker)
  • Tor Brostrom - Department of Art History, Conservation, Uppsala University, Sweden (speaker)
  • Stefano Baia Curioni - Department of Policy Analysis and Public Manage, Bocconi University, Italy (speaker)
  • Bertrand Lavedrine - The National Museum of Natural History , Sorbonne-Universités, the Centre de Recherche sur la Conservation, France (speaker)
  • Roman Kozlowski - The Jerzy Haber Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland (speaker)
  • Anupam Sah - CSMVS Museum Art Conservation Centre. CSMVS Museum, Mumbai, India (speaker)
  • May Cassar - Institute for Sustainable Heritage, UCL, UK (rapporteur)
  • Alark Saxena - School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale University, USA (moderator and speaker)
  • Michelle Addington - School of Architecture, Yale University, USA (moderator)
  • Andrew Quintman - Department of Religious Studies, Yale University, USA (moderator)

Sustainable development —the concept of meeting the world’s current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same—is of growing importance in times of rapid social transformations, global climate change, and economic uncertainty. This satellite workshop will address important challenges on the way towards sustainable conservation, in all three dimensions of sustainability: economic, ecologic, and social. The workshop will address the following key questions:

Universities as Agents of Sustainable Conservation - In the presence of already existing UN organizations/platforms, what role might a university consortium serve to provide solutions for sustainability in preservation? How can universities create and maintain interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary networks for addressing issues of sustainability in conservation, mitigating challenges of mitigation and adaptation for creating resilient societies, and forming links to UN sustainable development goals?

Planning for Uncertainty - Preservation for the future must take into account increasingly uncertain global and local contexts and situations, from climate change to political volatility. How do we plan for such uncertainty? How can the actions we take today move beyond the mitigation of and/or adaptation to change and create resiliency? Are we making progress on our path towards the green museum and incentives for environmentally friendly solutions?

Decision Making Frameworks & Assessment - Negotiating the interchange and tradeoffs between social equity, economic development and environmental protection is the manifestation of sustainability, but it inherently produces conflicts. Difficult decisions must be made at all levels, whether in having to privilege one type of cultural heritage over another to minimize environmental impacts, or in allowing a heritage site to decline due to limited local resources and community support. Can we, as a conservation community, begin to develop an assessment framework to weigh risks, benefits, requirements and impacts in order to define priorities and provide guidance? What types of tools would be useful? How would such a framework be deployed?

Attendance at the workshop is free and its outcome will inform the discussions at the UN Global Colloquium about the gaps in research and training and possible focal areas for collaboration in sustainable conservation. The intention will be to film and make the entire workshop available to the public. Please consider this when proposing and preparing presentations.

Contact Lukasz Bratasz ( with questions.

Planning committee for this event: Lukasz Bratasz, Michelle Addington, Virginia Chapman, Amber Garrard, Andrew Quintman, Alark Saxena, Stefan Simon