Monica Argumedo Rendon

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Cultural Heritage Research and Practice Post-Baccalaureate Fellow
Monica A. Argumedo Rendon is a Two-Year Post-Baccalaureate Researcher under the Cultural
Heritage Research and Practice (PREP-CHRP) track at Yale University’s Institute for the
Preservation of Cultural Heritage (IPCH). She holds an Honors Associate’s Degree from Lone
Star College and a Bachelor’s in Chemistry from Austin College. Prior to coming to Yale
University she was Houston’s Regional Liaison for the art conservation community under the
Emerging Conservator’s Professionals Network (ECPN) through AIC-FAIC.
She has research experience on nanoparticle modified gels and its removal of acidic stains from
paper objects. Monica will work with senior conservation scientist Rui Chen on various projects
related to the advancement of scientific inquiry on paper conservation. Her current research
focuses on the characterization of degradation products from varying paper washing
During her time here, Monica will learn conservation science, techniques, and knowledge from
Yale’s conservation community and work on scientific research projects related to art
conservation in all specialties. She is preparing for her future career as a conservation scientist
and will pursue her PhD following her work at IPCH.